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Crown case of the day

This patient wanted me to give him a beautiful white smile. I placed porcelain crowns on his upper front teeth 3 years ago and he returned now to do the lower teeth. Here are the pictures:

after-upper teeth
after completing upper 6 front teeth
after-upper crowns 1 year later
3 years later, he’s ready to fix up the lower teeth
crowns cemented
lower 8 porcelain crowns cemented
porcelain crowns
looks fantastic!!!  going to do the back teeth next year

all done

Crown case of the day

This patient was hit in the mouth with a tennis racquet and broke his front tooth. The tooth also required a root canal, and periodontal crown lengthening surgery. I placed a temporary crown on the tooth for 2 months while the gums healed and did a computerized custom shade match to obtain a perfect color match.

broken-tooth   temporary   final-crown   broken-tooth2   crown2   happy   custom-shade2   custom-shade2

Crown case of the day

For this patient today, I removed 2 porcelain fused to metal crowns that she recently had done in El Salvador, cleaned up the decay underneath,  polished her other teeth, and  placed 2 beautiful new zirconia crowns. She was so happy and has a beautiful smile for Christmas :-)))

removed old crowns and decay
after placing new crowns
happy patient
zirconia crowns

Crown, and post and core case of the day

This patient today  broke off his upper lateral incisor. We discussed the different restorative options. I told him I would try to save the root and build a tooth back up for him and place a crown. The tooth had a root canal many years ago. I drilled out the canal and cemented a titanium post inside the canal and build the tooth up. I prepared the tooth and made and cemented a zirconium crown over the build-up.

before-broken tooth
titanium post x-ray
canal cleaned
post cemented/tooth built-up
before-fractured off tooth


Crowns of the day

This first patient came to see me for this broken lower molar. He said he had 4 silver amalgam fillings placed in his lower molar over the last 10 years by various dentists and the tooth or filling and kept breaking. I told him he needs a crown. Here’s the pre-treatment x-ray, and photo of the broken tooth before and after removal of the old filling and decay, composite build-up and placement of the porcelain crown.


crownbefore crownafter

This next patient broke her molar biting into an almond. I removed the broken part and old amalgam filling and restored this tooth with a crown. Here’s the before and after photos.

unnamed unnamed-8

This next patient broke her last molar and old amalgam filling biting on hard seed. Here’s this before and after.

brokenmolar crown