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Broken dental implant case

This patient presented with a broken lower implant. I originally restored this implant crown a few years ago, and I was quite surprised and curious as to why it broke. This is very rare, and I used all the best, highest quality, Swiss made, Straumann Implant parts. The implant porcelain crown and titanium abutment broke apart leaving the screw still in the implant. She clenches and grinds her teeth, but still, this should not have occurred. I redid the implant crown and did not charge the patient. These are the clinical pictures:

broken implant parts
view in mouth
x-ray of broken implant
ready to make a new crown
impression post in place
confirming post seating
restorative implant parts
implant crown in place/screw channel
case completed, screw channel filled, beautiful :-)))
confirming proper alignment prior to final screw torquing

Implant and crown case of the day

On this patient I noticed decay under two 20 year old crowns on teeth #30 and 31.  Removal of the old crowns revealed tooth #30 with deep decay sub-gingival into the root furcation. This tooth was non-restorable.  I recommended extraction and an implant. For tooth #31, I was able to clean out the decay and do a crown build-up and make her a new crown.

decay under old crowns
decay under old crowns
decay on x-ray
after removal of crown #30
#30 extracted-implant placed, #31 cleaned up
#30 implant, #31 new crown placed
implant crown in position
screw access channel filled
finished implant and crowns-looks great!!!
perfect fit!
happy patient


The first x-ray above shows my initial try-in with a gap between the implant crown and implant. The crown would not fully seat, so I re-did the implant crown. The second x-ray, after re-doing the implant crown, shows a perfect fit!!! Both the implant crowns #30 and #31 fit and look beautiful.

Re-making a broken dental implant crown.

This patient presented with a broken implant crown. It was done 20 years ago in Los Angeles, California. What made this case interesting is that the dentist had retired and there was no record of the type or size of the implant. I sent pictures to different implant companies, but none were familiar with the design. I eventually figured out the implant manufacturer, but after checking, discovered they were no longer in business.  Another complication was that the screw was stripped and difficult to remove. Eventually after trying different sized external hexed implant fixtures, I was able to get one to fit and made a beautiful new implant crown. Here’s the clinical photos:

broken implant crown/stripped screw
the old implant external hex attachment
making the new implant crown
the new implant crown
happy patient

Dental Implant case of the Day.

For this patient, we were unable to save her back right lower molar. We extracted the tooth and placed a dental implant. Here are the clinical photos:

dental implant
screw retained crown
screw access channel filled
digital design scan
restorative torque wrench, titanium screw, implant crown
back molar before extraction
final implant x-ray
happy patient

Dental Implant case of the Day

Here are the clinical photos from today’s implant delivery appointment:

Encode healing abutment
dental implant
screw access channel
access channel filled
perfect fit
happy patient


These x-rays show the importance of taking an x-ray to confirm that the implant  crown is lined up and seated correctly.

gap between crown and implant
crown repositioned-no gap

Nice dental implant case :-)))

This patient had a fractured molar that we tried to save with a root canal. The root fracture was too large and we were unable to save and restore the tooth.  So I recommended to extract the tooth and placed a dental implant. Turned out fantastic and the patient is very happy he can chew again on his left side :-)))

Dr Gentry dental implant

Extraction, bone graft, dental implant.

Today I finished up this nice case. The upper right first molar tooth was broken down and non-restorable. I first extracted the tooth and placed a bone graft. Following 3 months of healing we placed a Zimmer-Biomet 3i titanium dental implant. Then after allowing 3 months for the dental implant to isseointegrate, placed the computer scannable Encode healing abutment. Then took the final impression and delivered the screwed retained implant crown.

extraction site
extraction site
bone graft
bone graft placed
collagen bio-plug
collagen bio-plug, sutures placed
healed extraction site
healed extraction site
dental implant
dental implant
healing abutment
screw retained implant-crown
screw retained implant crown
screw access channel filled in
non-restorable molar
non-restorable molar
grafted socket
grafted socket
dental implant

Implant case of the day

This patient came in to my office having broke off his upper right front tooth leaving only the root. This was a challenging  case because his other upper front teeth had old crowns on them with receded gums. This space was also larger than the width of the other incisors. I would have liked to replace all his old crowns at the same time so I could make everything perfect and even, but he just wanted me to restore only this broken off tooth.  It turned out pretty nice. Since he has a low lip line, he only shows half of the upper teeth anyway when he smiles. My implant tooth actually looks better than his other teeth. This is how I did it:

fractured off tooth
fractured off central incisor
fractured tooth
x-ray image of root
tooth extracted
root extracted and implant placed
custom abutment
custom abutment screwed into implant
implant crown
implant crown cemented
Dr. Gentry and happy patient
happy patient
implant and custom abutment
implant parts
torque wrench, crown, screw, custom abutment
design scan abutment
computer design scans

design scan

Implant/crown case of the day

This 32 year old female patient was missing her upper left lateral incisor and the right lateral incisor was fractured. Today I restored the missing lateral incisor with a BioHorizons titanium dental implant, custom abutment, porcelain crown and broken incisor with a porcelain crown.

implant1  implant2  implant3  implant4  implant5  implant6                         implantx-ray  9    customshade3        customshade2