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Smile Makeover Case of The Day

This patient wanted a younger youthful smile for his 60th birthday. So I made him 6 beautiful porcelain crowns for his upper front teeth. This cell-phone video shows me placing the crowns. He was very happy :-)))

I took a 3D digital computer scan of his teeth and gums, and we computer designed his smile beautiful new teeth and 3D printed out his 6 teeth crowns.

computer design image
crowns ready to deliver

Digital Dentistry

I scan digital impressions of teeth, computer design the crowns, create an STL file, and 3D print out porcelain/zirconia crowns with a CAD-CAM milling machine, that fit perfectly and look beautiful.

digital intra-oral scanner
taking this patients digital impression
digital impressions, (photos from my snapchat story)


3D milling machine
3D printed tooth crown

Implant and crown case of the day

On this patient I noticed decay under two 20 year old crowns on teeth #30 and 31.  Removal of the old crowns revealed tooth #30 with deep decay sub-gingival into the root furcation. This tooth was non-restorable.  I recommended extraction and an implant. For tooth #31, I was able to clean out the decay and do a crown build-up and make her a new crown.

decay under old crowns
decay under old crowns
decay on x-ray
after removal of crown #30
#30 extracted-implant placed, #31 cleaned up
#30 implant, #31 new crown placed
implant crown in position
screw access channel filled
finished implant and crowns-looks great!!!
perfect fit!
happy patient


The first x-ray above shows my initial try-in with a gap between the implant crown and implant. The crown would not fully seat, so I re-did the implant crown. The second x-ray, after re-doing the implant crown, shows a perfect fit!!! Both the implant crowns #30 and #31 fit and look beautiful.

Crown case of the day

This patient wanted me to give him a beautiful white smile. I placed porcelain crowns on his upper front teeth 3 years ago and he returned now to do the lower teeth. Here are the pictures:

after-upper teeth
after completing upper 6 front teeth
after-upper crowns 1 year later
3 years later, he’s ready to fix up the lower teeth
crowns cemented
lower 8 porcelain crowns cemented
porcelain crowns
looks fantastic!!!  going to do the back teeth next year

all done