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Digital Dentistry

I scan digital impressions of teeth, computer design the crowns, create an STL file, and 3D print out porcelain/zirconia crowns with a CAD-CAM milling machine, that fit perfectly and look beautiful.

digital intra-oral scanner
taking this patients digital impression
digital impressions, (photos from my snapchat story)


3D milling machine
3D printed tooth crown

Bridge case of the day

This patient presented with a broken 25 year old bridge replacing a missing front tooth. I re-prepped the teeth, digitally scanned the impression, computer designed a new bridge, 3D printed it out and cemented it in. Totally awesome!!!

before/after bridge cementation
digital impression scan
design images
bridge cemented-perfect!!!

Welcome Dr. Elkenawy!!!

Dr. Elkenawy

Dr. Karim Elkenawy recently completed a 1 year Fellowship, followed by a 2 year Advanced General Dentistry Residency at The University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Prior to The University of Maryland, Dr. Elkenawy, graduated in 2010 from Ain Shams University Dental School in Cairo, Egypt. He then finished 3 years post-doctorate training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Cairo University, while teaching at The British Dental University in Egypt. He comes from a family of dentists, his father and brother are dentists, and he has over 8 years of clinical experience as a dentist treating patients. He is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, (The National Dental Honor Society) and The Academy of General Dentistry.

I first noticed  Dr. Elkenawy’s excellent dentistry and wonderful patient care in the Advanced General Dentistry Clinic at The University of Maryland, and am so happy that he has joined us :-)))

Dr. Elkenawy and Dr. Gentry

Dental implant case of the day

This patient presented with a broken off upper right canine tooth. We extracted the remaining tooth root,  placed an immediate titanium implant and restored with a zirconium abutment and porcelain crown. Very nice lady, fun case with beautiful results :-)))

broken upper canine tooth, extracted and implant placed, zirconium abutment, porcelain crown
top view of implant, zirconium abutment, crown/x-ray of broken tooth and implant
computer design images
happy patient and dentist

Treating snoring and sleep apnea

This appliance is what I make to prevent snoring and treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It works by opening the bite and moving the lower jaw forward to increase airway space allowing the person to breath better.

sleep_ apnea_snoring_appliance
anti-snoring/sleep apnea appliance
wearing the appliance
can breath better now


Dental implant case of the day.

This patient presented with severe pain to biting and cold on his upper right first premolar tooth. CT scan confirmed fracture and angular bone loss.  Tooth non-restorable-extracted and implant placed. New computer designed 3D printed tooth looks great and he can eat again on the right side.

image of fractured tooth
CT scan
tooth extracted,implant placed
implant crown placed
filling placed in access channel
final x-ray
computer design images
happy patient and dentist :-)))

Fun 8am Friday Morning Teeth Whitening Appointments :-)))

Teeth whitening is very popular. I whitened these patient’s teeth this morning and wanted to share these photos. It’s always a lot of fun :-))) I have embeded a video below explaining the procedure. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.  We need to clean your teeth and check for any cavities before doing the whitening.

teeth-whitening     teeth_whitening_bleaching  teeth_whitening_dr_gentry_cosmetic_dentist

For a brighter, whiter smile I use Opalescence Boost, an in-office, chemically activated whitening treatment that offers results in about an hour. It’s ideal for people who want instant whitening gratification or those who have that special event coming up that requires a bright, white smile.

  • Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride)
  • Chemically activated, so no hot, uncomfortable light is needed
  • Dentist-applied treatment
  • Provides dramatic results in one hour