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Cosmetic Case of The Day

This patent came to me with loose, painful, and infected, lower front teeth. I extracted them and made him an immediate lower partial denture. All done at the same visit-so he was never without teeth.

after extractions
with lower partial denture
lower partial denture

Dental implant case of the day

This patient had spaces between her lower teeth that could not be corrected with orthodontics. So I fixed her spaces with dental implants.

before/after-front view
occlusal view
implant impression copings
x-ray of implants
computer design images

3D Computerized Digital Intra-oral Impression Scanning

I use the state-of-the-art, most advanced, 3Shape Trios digital scanner. This eliminates the need for unpleasant traditional gooey impressions—no more messy goop in your mouth! With our computerized digital 3D scanner, we can digitally capture a detailed, 3D model of your teeth and gums. Not only is our digital scan far more comfortable than the old putty-based impressions, but it’s faster and provides images that are more precise. We definitely make a great first impression.

With this computerized model of your mouth we can computer design your teeth restorations and orthodontic aligners and 3D print them out. Totally awesome!!!

Philip Gentry

Teeth whitening

Professional results—in about an hour

For a brighter, whiter smile I offer an in office activated whitening treatment that offers results in 1 hour.  It’s ideal for people who want instant whitening gratification, or those who have that special event coming up that requires a bright, white smile.

  • The tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride), which helps maintain the health of enamel throughout the whitening process.
  • Chemically activated, so no hot, uncomfortable light is needed
  • Dentist-applied treatment
  • Provides dramatic results in one hour